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Making a career change is an important decision that should be made with plenty of background information. We’ve spent over 15 years of experience in mortgage recruiting and are here to share our insider knowledge of the industry to make sure you secure positions that are a good fit for you long term.

You want to go where your talents are appreciated, but how can you find the right fit when you’re going in blind? These days, recruiting pitches talk a mile a minute, and figuring out which pitches are legitimate is easier said than done. We’re here to show you what lies beyond the recruiting and onboarding process and help you see which businesses would be a good fit for you long term.

We’re here to level the playing field and give you the insight that comes with over 15 years of recruiting experience in the industry. We’re taking away the smoke and mirrors to help you be cautious of over-aggressive recruiting pitches and see the true benefits or drawbacks in each of your career choices. All in all, we are here to help you make choices you’re happy with for the long haul.

You deserve to go…


Choosing the right employer for your needs is a loaded decision and one that can leave you with many questions. Use our background to fill you in with a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s truly like working with different mortgage employers. See the full picture so that you know what you’re getting into ahead of time.


The market moves fast, and you need to be prepared to pivot your career path when needed. We’re here to discuss which options should be on your radar based on your strengths and expertise. Let us guide you in your professional journey by working as your personal advisor and educator.


Keep yourself on your A-game and stay ahead of your competition. Let us share our inside knowledge with you to help you see where you stand against the market with pricing, how to keep a leg-up against competitors, and how the forecast of the market is changing.


Know where your position fits within your company’s organization. Our prior experience gives us a strong map of the company culture, leadership or lack of, budgeting, and overall likeability of working at many of the key employers in the mortgage industry.

Dominic has been instrumental in our placement with a large branch and area and we can not say enough good things about him. Dom is NOT a recruiter. He is a matchmaker. He does not dial for dollars. He creates meaningful relationships with those of us in the industry and finds excellent matches.

– Bill W

We have all of the information you need in order to make an informed decision on career moves. Our experience in the mortgage field has given us a look behind the curtain of many big players in the industry. We’ve gathered all of the “nice to know” information about what it’s truly like to work at various employers. the market is constantly evolving. In order to keep yourself on the cutting edge, you need to be up to date on market trends, rate forecasts, and so much more.  In this competitive market, staying well informed can put you leaps and bounds above the rest. Between educating you on systems, providing outlook on where you stand against the competition, or analyzing your pricing, we have the knowledge you need to stay ahead. At the end of the day, your ability to get our inside view of the mortgage industry will leave you head and shoulders above your competitors.

You need an advocate who will help you regardless of if you use them to get your next gig or not.

a letter from the president

Thank you for taking the time to check out our website, It says a lot that you’ve stopped by!

I started in the mortgage field with Countrywide back in 2004/2005 when they were the only game in town for commission-based headhunters.  We would call on people, and regardless of if they loved or hated CW, they remembered the call!  Those were the days of LO’s getting paid on tiered comp plans starting as low as 35bps, and if you were the best of the best you made a whopping 90bps!  My how things have changed haven’t they?

Countrywide was purchased by Bank of America, and I made it through, losing all that I invested into the company stock selling at $4 a share after being told to “Protect this house.”  As a young professional in my 20’s I trusted those in charge never once thinking I was the fool but none the less I learned my lesson and I started over but with a healthy network of friends that respected my work.  I was over the likes of Michigan, Chicago, Texas, etc…..meeting people that would forever impact my career.  From there, I never really left the “network”. From then on I was hired through relationships with former regionals and co-workers up until the formation of 212 learning lessons along the way such as… All companies are for sale, margin is king, loyalty is rare, you are who you hang out with, trust but verify, the old guard will fight to the death to stay relevant, etc….  

Along the way, I worked for small and large companies that all sold at some point until I landed at a Texas-based lender that really rounded out my knowledge base.  There I went from being a recruiter/onboarder to a true mortgage professional.  Even though I can point to a few pivotal points in my career, it was really here that allowed me to be ready to open 212.  I will forever be grateful to all of those that help shape me but none more than my last stop.  

Along the way I found myself being an integral part of the field’s relationship with the corporate office.  I would get the calls first when something went wrong and there was trouble in paradise.  There was always a victim and the field always felt it was corporate, and corporate always felt like they knew better than the field, so it was a stand off.  The field either accepts the corporate line, or leaves for greener pastures.  In my experience neither side told the whole truth because no matter how much they liked each other neither fully trusted the other.  Same game no matter what company we are talking about.  

So my job over the years became more like a guide than anything else to help the field “get along” with corporate and to help corporate retain their people.  I have some good stories built up over the years! Countless of talks off the ledge and couch sessions later, I thought I had seen enough….after helping 1000’s of teams switch companies and talking with 1000’s more than that who ultimately went elsewhere, I decided there was enough out there that I could help if I just didn’t represent a single company anymore and switched my allegiance to the recruit themselves.   There is something about helping people that fulfills me and if I can make a living doing it then maybe I found my calling?  That is for you to decide.

So here we are today!  I have clients that trust me with their elite deals knowing that I treat them as they were my own and only bring them people that can be trusted with those types of deals.  On the field side or “candidate” side I want to help ANYONE who wants the help.  I have seen A LOT and simply want to share what I know in the effort to help those around me.  

On the main page you can see what I bring to the table as far as revealing corporate margin, helping navigating the corporate layers, translating p&l’s,  etc… but at the end of the day I simply want to help as many people as I can make educated decisions regarding their employer and their employment.  

Karma is real and I am having a blast proving that theory each and every day.